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English Language Arts Curriculum Frameworks Project
Writing Skills Assessment and Student Goals
Writing Skills Assessment
Use this checklist of basic writing skills to assess student writing samples and student needs. B=Beginning
P=Performs Well 
Basic Writing Skills B
Write words independently        
Express thoughts in writing        
Express thoughts in complete sentences        
Use Basic grammar and mechanics        
Apply organizational strategies        
Demonstrate an understanding of paragraph construction        
Revising strategies:
        Increased knowledge of grammar rules        
        Recognize more errors independently        
        Revise to include more details and information        

Student Writing Goals Checklist

Name of Student ___________________________________ 


Please, check the area(s) most important to you.

1.  To improve basic grammar and mechanics (spelling, punctuation, capitalization...)  
2.  To develop good sentence and paragraph writing skills  
3.  To explore creative writing; for example, writing original stories or poems  
4.  To strengthen everyday writing skills; for example, letters and notes, resume writing  
5.  To prepare for the GED writing test  
6.  Other:  
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